About Vi's Pickle Co.

Where it started:

            Vi’s Pickle Co was founded in 2020 with our first batch of homemade pickles in Southern California. With a focus on 100% natural, locally-sourced ingredients, the company’s purpose is to revolutionize the pickle. The Hot Pickle original flavor is just the beginning. We are always experimenting with new flavors from different cultures to disrupt the traditional pickle market.


A Word from Vi Doan, Founder of Vi’s Pickle Co.:

            I love spicy food. There isn’t anything that doesn’t need a little (or a lot) of hot sauce to top it off. My search for a genuinely spicy pickle led me to creating my own pickle company where the sky’s the limit. 

            As the oldest of four kids of hard-working immigrant parents from Vietnam, I had to learn how to cook most of my own meals to take care of myself and my siblings. My appreciation of food began at a very early age and growing up in a diverse neighborhood in Sacramento, CA fed my adventurous spirit. My eclectic palate allows me to provide a unique flavor profile of pickles for everyone to enjoy.

            Over the last few years, I ate, breathed, and dreamt pickles. I poured hours and hours into crafting the best pickle brine, maintaining the crunch of the cucumber, and increasing the level of heat without compromising the flavor. Achieving this trifecta was a difficult feat, especially without the aid of chemicals and other preservatives. But countless test batches and sleepless nights of R&D later, I’m proud to present a flavorful pickle without any gross additives.